Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lost in translation

I have returned refreshed from a wonderful, five-day jaunt to the Spanish east coast with two questions.
What does this mean?
And should we have a similar sign in the tearooms loos?

This was in a ladies room in Morella.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

and twisted.

How many times a day do we ask people if they take sugar? And how many times a day do we hear that they don't because they're sweet enough?
It's lovely and it's a bit old fashioned but it is so nice to hear a different response.
Today came the best yet.
Meg asked if a gentleman took sugar?
"No thanks," he said, "I'm too bitter for it to make a difference."

Saturday, 5 August 2017


Any Saturday in August will be busy.
Unless the forecast is for thunderstorms.
When I woke this morning the thunder and lightning looked, frankly, unlikely.
I had a few conversations with early visitors about the forecasters and their craft but on this occasion they proved to be right.
When the first of three storms struck we had a influx of very wet and unprepared people - no umbrellas and, in some cases, no coats.
They stayed a while until it dried up and then it was lunchtime and the same thing happened.
By late afternoon most people were chancing their cream teas against the wasps (yes they've arrived) and the final rain arrived just before closing time.

Friday, 4 August 2017

...and I live in a hole.

An investigation is underway.
There are several theories as to why a hole has appeared in the ground of the conservatory.
It's an eight inch diameter hole, about 15 inches deep (yes, it should be in metric) and it was discovered in the undergrowth on Wednesday.
Bob thought it might be a burst pipe but he stuck his arm down the hole and found nothing.
Bev wondered if someone had pulled up a plant and half-inched it.
Janet asked if it could be an animal.
I sent a text to Adrian (who solves most of my problems) and lured him down this afternoon with mention of detective work to be done.
His arm was in that hole quick as you like. He brought a special light. He looked for clues and drew his conclusions.
He reckons we had a mole and then the visiting cat (it visits ALL the time and often hides and stays the night) went looking for it...
We're going to check his theory by filling in the hole.
And hoping.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Four seasons in one day

This is the kind of weather which makes booking staff, ordering supplies and life in general a bit more difficult:

Still, at least it's not raining all the time.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

They do

On Friday we hosted a wedding party.
Sharing platters of local salami and tomatoes, our ham, homemade coleslaw and salads, cheeses, mini quiches, olives, bread. Scones and cakes of course.
It didn't take us long to serve all the guests.
There were four of them.
Bride, groom and 2 witnesses.
The groom told us they were being selfish and keeping it from everyone else for a few days.
The bride had requested a table in the garden and for most of the time they had their wish.
Then the drizzle started and they moved into the conservatory to finish their tea.

It wasn't quite as stressful as other weddings we've held.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Top table

We've hosted two small but lovely garden parties in the past two days.
Yesterday we pulled together a few tables to form one long one under trees (it was way too hot in the sun), covered them in tablecloths and set them for high tea for seventeen people. They were celebrating the marvellous couple who are Rex and Glenda. Rex was 88 at the weekend, Glenda turned 86 yesterday.
They drank champagne and tea and ate sandwiches and cakes and scones with cream.
I was asked as I delivered more tea if I knew of a poem about "getting old and wearing purple"?
I went to look it up.
It's called "Warning" by Jenny Joseph.
I read it aloud to the assembled group (any excuse to join the party). It's fabulous.

Then today the same table (different cloths) was used for a middle-aged group of fifteen who are all taught Spanish by the same teacher. They lunched on ham and quiche, elderflower presses, cakes and strawberries and coffee and many went home with a punnet of cherries.

It will be used again tomorrow if the weather stays fine.
Nine people for a late lunch at 4pm.