Monday, 22 May 2017

Will I ever get this right?

Most of last week was filled with rain. Now we are in Summer.
It's sunny and warm and almost everyone sitting outside.
Yet today was quietish for us. So much so that we had our own lunch at a reasonable time.
The coming weekend is another Bank Holiday - the fourth in the season.
The forecast is looking pretty good and there's a Victorian event at the Court so I am stockpiling food, ordering drinks and begging staff to work.
And growing a knot in my stomach.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Wet Week

The rain continues. The forecast today suggests it will be unrelenting.
Challenges to pass the time continue...
Can Bev get a whole scone in her mouth? Answer: no.
Can Mary balance a cherry tomato on her nose? Not really. But boy can she dab.

I shall be taking my book to work today.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Passing the time...

Today is cold and wet.
I did not expecting a flood of customers so came home to catch up on other jobs. A little ironing, a little blog-writing, a little more ironing...
When we have a quiet day certain members of staff get a little bored.
They start challenging each other.
Mary (71) has been taught to "dab".
Bev, who is particularly small, has been climbing into small spaces. This is the box in which the coffee beans were delivered:

I dread to think what they've been getting up to today...

Monday, 8 May 2017

Thank you

One day last week a gentleman came in on his own, ordered a pot of tea (£2), handed over £5 and told Annie to put the change in the tips jar. She was stunned, tried to give him the change, but he insisted.
The next day he came in again and did the same thing.
While he was drinking his tea in the conservatory he ordered a sandwich (£5) and paid the correct money.
I chatted with him when I took out his lunch. He had a large camera bag. He was in the process of getting to grips with all the camera could do, he said. His grandson was a much better photographer than he, so he was trying to improve. He had been taking pictures of the fountain from all different angles over the past two days.
Later when I was serving someone at the counter he came into the main tearoom, dropped an envelope onto the tips jar and waved goodbye.
I am no photographer, but here it is:

Inside were five one pound coins.
Our mystery man has certainly left his mark.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


What a woman.
She wore a floor length, purple, corduroy coat. She leant lightly on a stick but was tall and upright with a twinkle in her eye.
She made a joke about her husband when I greeted her at the door and I liked her instantly.
Later, as she waited for her lunch, I was standing at a nearby table, reserving it for a lady in a wheelchair on her way in. I was looking towards the door.
"Are you looking at me?" said long purple coated lady. I replied that actually I was waiting for a customer to come to take the table.
"Good," she said, "I don't much like being looked at. And I don't like it when those people at church ask me how I am. Do you know what I say?"
I didn't.
"I tell them to mind their own business."
Yes. Quite a force of nature.


It wasn't a bank holiday with a bang. It was a bank holiday with a power cut.
In the middle of Sunday's lunchtime service.
But it was a strange sort of cut.
The till remained on.
The fridge light was on, though dim.
The cream whisks went round but turned in slow motion.
The coffee machine wouldn't work at all.
It was a long half hour rendered less painful when we found out that it was a problem not of our making and that Western Power was on the case.
Two bank hols down, and two to go. The next one is not far away...

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Groundhog Day

What is going on?
This group of 35 were from Leicester.
One man said he liked my wicker sofa and was looking for one just like it.
He said he was sure he could smuggle it onto the coach.
Another group of ladies came for coffee, saw the church then came back for lunch and returned for tea just before the coach left.
Three visits in four hours. Not bad.