Saturday, 25 April 2015

And they call it....

We are on a roll. Another wonderful day.
The forecast had been poor all week but we didn't see very much rain.

The fabulous day started with a couple poking their head in the door before we'd opened to ask if they could "Nick a cup of tea?".  They had traveled for two and half hours from Leatherhead to Witley to see a puppy. A  black flat haired retriever. They were going to be interviewed by the breeder to see whether they would be allowed to buy the last of the litter. I told them they couldn't come all the way from Surrey and not see our church. They promised they would return after their appointment.
And they did.
They saw the church and had lunch with us, raving about both their visit and the puppy.
They even showed me a video of the pups.
They'll return in three weeks to pick up their new baby.
I hope they pop in....

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flat (ulent) Fish

Another cracker of a day.
Sunshine, lovely visitors, babes in arms and babes in tummies, older people out for a drive and a cuppa, antipodean families and a French couple. Deliveries of more cards, more coffee beans and new outdoor furniture.

And a lady and gent who ordered two pieces of toffee cake and two lattes WITH MARSHMALLOWS - not sure it'll catch on. When I delivered their order I asked if they wanted me to leave the sugar on the table. "What do you think?" she asked. I left a full bowl of sugar and told them to call me if they wanted more.

Sara made us laugh with her story of once going to buy fish for her dad's aquarium. She and her sister had asked for guidance from someone in the store: "Well," the helper pointed out, "we have golden orfe and blue orfe."
She and her sister now just have to say "Blue Orfe" to one another and they're in giggles.
They're both over 50.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Milky Way

"A latte and two of your dairy-free cakes, please."
I didn't ask.

Of the times.

This sign means a lot.
It means that the farm at one end of the village has started picking asparagus. It means that we can start making Witley Asparagus Soup. It means that it won't be too long before the same farm adds to the sign the words Strawberries, Raspberries and Cherries.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. 
For now I am content with this:

Monday, 20 April 2015


The first customer in today proffered the palm of his hand and asked me to smell it.

What should my response have been?
Say,  "Eurrggh, are you KIDDING, no thanks." And run the risk of him taking his two-latte, two-slices-of-Victoria-Sponge business elsewhere?
Or really go for it, take a big sniff, and run the risk of making myself ill?

Generally I am risk-averse but on this occasion I sized up the situation (and the man) and decided to inhale. Deeply.
His hand smelled of coriander. He was taking a break from harvesting a field of what, he says, is some of the best he's ever grown.


Friday, 17 April 2015

Off Spring

My journey to work is short. If it weren't for having to collect the bread I wouldn't have to go on a road, just up the farm track from my home to the tea rooms. This morning as I bumped my way through the potholes I saw a beautiful sight to which my rubbish photography on my phone cannot do justice:

Mother Duck was very anxious to get her ducklings to safety and they moved pretty quackly (sic). I watched them make their way to the Court lake. I couldn't stop smiling.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


This week has been just wonderful.
The past three days have been exceptional:
A) the weather has been warm and kind
B) the customers have been warm and kind and funny
C) nothing has broken.

Yesterday a couple ordered their lunch and were asked the usual question: where will you be sitting when we bring your order - in the main room, the conservatory or outside?
The gentleman answered immediately.
His wife looked astonished: "He's never that decisive!" she said.
"It won't happen again for another year" he quipped.

The same couple returned today. His opening line?
"I know what I'm having for lunch, but no idea where we're sitting or what sort of coffee to have."

It was a day of returning customers. Last year we hosted a family meal for four generations at two long garden tables in gorgeous sunshine in July. The organiser was celebrating her 80th birthday though we are certain she has a portrait in an attic somewhere.
Today she and her husband came for lunch and to book a repeat performance. This time to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. We checked the date, adjusted the menu a little and ordered the sunshine for July.