Wednesday, 20 May 2015

All change

Sunday was a big day for so many people.
Baby Wyatt was to be christened in the Church. His parents asked me to reserve a table for them and twenty friends for afterwards.
The archdeacon was visiting for the service, coincidentally, and the congregation would stroll down to us afterwards for their usual coffee and biscuits.
We were set up for both.
And then, half an hour before they were all due to arrive twenty lycra-clad cyclists rolled in, parked their bikes (and two tandems) outside and ordered multiple tea, teacakes and cake.
I love cyclists. They never question the need for cake.

Today I rushed home mid-morning to "borrow" some bin liners.
On my return,  I saw a small coach reversing up the drive towards the tea rooms.
It brought a group of coffee-loving Dutch people (two double espresso for one man alone). We were the last stop on their way from their holiday in Wales to Birmingham airport and as a result they were very keen to pay with any leftover British coins.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Got the hang of this photo-on-blog thing, Bill.

If I were at all green fingered I'd be able to talk more about the wonders that have arrived in both the garden and conservatory this week.
Suffice to say that, inside, the jasmine and arum lilies are bloomin' lovely and we've spotted the first passion flower of the season:

While outside everything is eclipsed by the wonderful wisteria - better than ever this year, we reckon, and being photographed by lots of visitors:

Saturday, 16 May 2015


I found another one today (see previous post).
We gave lunch in the conservatory to a large group from the Worshipful Company of Educators.
"Are you the ham?" I asked one of the men.
"Don't you start." he answered.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Easily pleased.

One of the small pleasures of working at the tearooms comes when delivering an order to a table and being able to ask a complete stranger: "Are you the fruit cake?".
It's even better when they answer, yes.
And then laugh.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Keep Smiling Through

Such a good weekend.
On Saturday we hosted a very special party. B has just finished her horrible treatment for breast cancer and she and K wanted to thank their friends and family who'd been such a support through an awful few months. High Tea for 35ish in the conservatory was kicked off with a brilliant speech by K who, with his voice cracking, told us that his wife is his hero. At that point I had to leave. It's unseemly to serve scones with tears pouring down your face.
Yesterday they sent an email to thank all the staff.
They'd arrived with an orchid as a gift for me.
To say I am touched is an understatement.

At the other end of the scale one customer today was, shall we say, hard to please?
One of our crimes is that the sign on the loo door isn't big enough.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Post election post

There were some tired eyes at the tearooms today.
A good many middle aged and older people confessed to having been up all night. 
One man said he'd flown in from Orlando to vote.
A lady said she'd fallen asleep on the sofa at 5am, went to bed, woke at noon and was out walking to try to sort out her body clock.
One couple, trying to tell me about a group booking they wanted to make, kept losing track of what they were saying and eventually admitted they hadn't slept at all.
Such is the power of a General Election when the result is meant to be on a knife-edge.
I bet they'll all be abed early tonight....

Thursday, 7 May 2015


The result of the General Cake-lection has taken me by surprise. It has a real impact on my future.
It means I'll have to get up earlier for a start. It also means I'll be buying more lemons.

Here are the full results:

Lemon Drizzle 27%
Chocolate Cake 18%
Coffee & Walnut 17%
Victoria Sponge 14%
Carrot Cake  13%
Fruit Cake  11%

There were no spoilt ballots, although some did have some very nice comments written on them.
A man called Steve (we asked for names if voters wished to go into a draw to win Afternoon Tea for Two) wrote that he is "clinically addicted" to Coffee and Walnut cake. Another voter wrote DELICIOUS in capital letters next to the name of their chosen cake.
Chris Evans told his audience this morning that his vote went to Victoria Sponge, Vassos Alexander chose Coffee and Walnut.