Sunday, 21 August 2016

Andrea True Connection

We're more than half way through the season.
We don't have enough outside chairs (so I've ordered more).
We don't have enough water glasses (so I've bought more).
We don't have enough capacity in the water boiler at cream tea peak times (must buy a kettle to give the boiler a breather).
We don't have enough hours in the day (not a lot I can do about this).

The Bank Holiday looms and the weather is good.
Uh oh.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Communication Cord

Wednesday was one of those days.
In the morning Annie was half way through taking a telephone booking when the line went dead.
This was a small problem.
The larger one was that no phone line means no card payments.
I rang the phone company who promised it would be fixed by the end of the next working day. They forwarded any work calls to my mobile but would do nothing about the card-taking issue.
And, as Wednesday was gloriously sunny and hot, a queue of people had already started to form for coffees, cakes, scones and then lunches. And then cream teas.
Emma's bright idea was to put up signs at the entrance gate warning people that we could only take cash.
We had people emptying their purses and digging deep into the recesses of bags to find enough stray coins to meet the cost of a cake.
Then the Court rang to say !!surprise!! A coach loaded with 46 had arrived and were heading straight to us for lunch.

The engineer came early afternoon to investigate.
He found a churned up cable in a nearby field, ploughed that very morning.
By mid afternoon on Thursday it was all sorted.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cold comfort

We finally have a brand new fridge.
It works.

Let it go.

It's been miserable today and we didn't really expect many visitors, but this is the holidays...
One really lovely family had come from California. I gestured outside at the damp garden and they looked shocked that I was apologising for our so-called Summer: "We love it," they said, "we never see rain, and everything here is so green."
They ordered panini and sandwiches, and two hot chocolates for their two young sons.
Who may or may not have been twins but to my untrained eye were identical.
And about 8 years old.
Emma made the drinks and piled them high with marshmallows.
When she took them to their table one of the boys squeaked with excitement: "Ooo, I think a bit of pee just came out."
Emma was laughing all the way back to the kitchen.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sweet surprise

The blazing sunshine has gone but we have been having lots of dry, warm, busy days.
Today we hosted an 80th birthday tea for ten. We had to use specific tea cups and saucers as when they'd first visited us a couple of years ago they fell in love with the crockery.
When they booked a few weeks ago the husband of the birthday girl took me on one side and asked me if I could provide a chocolate birthday cake, with "Happy 80th Birthday, Mum and Grandma" iced on it.
I passed that particular buck to Naomi who, naturally, came up trumps.
The cake was a BIG hit. The man who'd ordered it was over the moon that he'd managed to do something he'd never done before by surprising his wife.
The smile didn't leave his face.

The rain is due for the next couple of days. Time to take stock and reorder stock.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Tea shirt

We now have uniforms.
Sort of.
Coloured t-shirts in green, blue, white and pink.
Most of the staff members have gone for green or blue.
As is evidenced here:

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Early birds

10.10 A lady opens the door and sticks her head in.
"Are you open? It says 11 on the gate but we were just wondering..."
I told them we'd be happy to serve them just as soon as the kettle boiled.
"I'm sorry we're so early," she added, "but I've just taken my mother to the hospital for an appointment. Turns out we got the day wrong. It's next year."

Yes. Right day, wrong year.