Saturday, 17 November 2018

The right answer

Two weeks after the tearooms closed and I have finally finished ironing.
Three baskets piled high, plus the inevitable washing loads from this week. I’ve watched a lot of tv quiz shows and have realised that 15-1 is actually quite dull. I much prefer The Chase.
What to do next?
Maybe I should apply...
Or put another load of washing in.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Almost there

One day left.
Today Geoff and Maureen came in for lunch, brought us a box of chocolates and a lovely card, bought a whole fruit cake which Geoff will ply with alcohol until Christmas and a painting from the final exhibition of the year.
Val and Alec brought their wonderful grandson Tai who’s studying to be a mental health professional. Thank goodness for Tai and people like him. V&A are justly proud.
In the conservatory it was gorgeous dog day. One came in a full purple onesie. With legs and everything. Her name is Evie. I wish I’d taken a photo.
A few other regulars popped in for their final visit of the season. It’s so dimly lit in the main room at the moment that we could barely see them. Must buy replacement bulbs for next year.
In home news our underfloor heating in the bathroom has been fixed. Last week it was freeeeeezing in there. Now it’s like walking across hot coals. A temperature adjustment is needed but not exactly easy to pull off.
If only I could wangle some time off to get it sorted.

Friday, 2 November 2018

And may I say, not in a shy way...

We have a range of sandwich fillings, panini fillings and jacket potato fillings.
It’s understandable that some people look at one list and want it to fill something else.
“Can I have a Brie and pear panini?” a lady asked this week. I said she could if she’d like but did she really want warm pear? She screwed up her nose, “Ooh no, thank you” she said. She had the sandwich.
Then today someone asked for a coronation chicken panini. We talked them out of that one too.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Finishing line

Four days before we close for winter and today the oven went on strike.
This made the day slightly tricky. We weren’t able to cook a ham, make more soup, cook bacon or bake scones.
We improvised.
We have run out of Worcester Blue cheese but I won’t be ordering more this close to the end of the season and we have plenty of cheddar and quiche.
The hob came back into use half way through the afternoon, thanks to Adrian’s ingenuity, and tomorrow morning we’ll be playing catch-up. We’ll cook our final 2018 ham and make soup with the last pumpkin (witches brew again).
People will wave as they leave and wish us happy Christmas.
I shall make the most of having a latte whenever I choose (that’s what I miss during the five month closure) and will listen and make notes while members of the team suggest things for next season, mainly things I need to buy/arrange/fix.
Like the oven.
And the dishwasher.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

What a sight.

The penultimate weekend of the 2018 season and we were visited by 16 fabulous old cars.
Most of them were Riley models.
It was a pretty cold day which included rain and hail and they didn’t look like the sort of vehicles to have heated seats.

The owners came for bacon rolls and coffee ahead of a car treasure hunt around the local roads. They were due back by 2.30. Late arrivals incurred penalty points.
Most of them arrived after the deadline. Some long after.
They all looked pretty cold...

Today was brighter and sunnier. There was a wedding in the church and just before the ceremony a group of well dressed guests came for sustenance and to use the loo.
I had quite a shock when I saw a man relieving himself.
Did he perhaps not notice that our toilets actually have doors?

Thursday, 18 October 2018


Alf arrived this week with roses. It’s his last visit of the season, he says, and wanted to bring me something. Alf is in his late eighties and drinks black americanos without sugar. Last year his wife Margaret died. He talks about her every time he visits. He once told me she had a little glass bell next to her bed. “She’d ring it when she was ready for me”, he said with a twinkle in his eye.
I put the flowers in a vase on the counter, tell him how pretty they are and ask him what colour he would call them?
He thinks for a moment.
“Shocking pink,” he says with a firm nod, “Margaret had some underwear that colour”.
And there’s the twinkle again.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

End of the season. Ish.

This is a quiet week.
Autumn rain and winds do not help us and we’re in that awful period of wasting food.
We try to eat it ourselves at lunchtime but sometimes there’s just too much.
Anyone who’s working is offered bread or scones or even cake to take home.
George is taking quiche to work.
We regularly cancel milk and cream orders and are working through our last ice cream delivery of the season. Slowly.