Saturday, 20 August 2016

Communication Cord

Wednesday was one of those days.
In the morning Annie was half way through taking a telephone booking when the line went dead.
This was a small problem.
The larger one was that no phone line means no card payments.
I rang the phone company who promised it would be fixed by the end of the next working day. They forwarded any work calls to my mobile but would do nothing about the card-taking issue.
And, as Wednesday was gloriously sunny and hot, a queue of people had already started to form for coffees, cakes, scones and then lunches. And then cream teas.
Emma's bright idea was to put up signs at the entrance gate warning people that we could only take cash.
We had people emptying their purses and digging deep into the recesses of bags to find enough stray coins to meet the cost of a cake.
Then the Court rang to say !!surprise!! A coach loaded with 46 had arrived and were heading straight to us for lunch.

The engineer came early afternoon to investigate.
He found a churned up cable in a nearby field, ploughed that very morning.
By mid afternoon on Thursday it was all sorted.

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