Thursday, 13 October 2016

Source of discomfort.

Two and a half weeks left of the season.
I am less worried about ice cream than usual at this stage. I have a more laissez-faire/que sera sera attitude to it which will probably mean I won't have any and there'll be a heatwave in the last week of October.
We're also in that part of the year when we have a really busy, concentrated hour or so at lunchtime and a lot of slow custom either side. Yesterday I finally got around to sorting out my china teacups cupboard. These are the cups and saucers not in general use but brought out for tea parties and larger gatherings. Obviously there's an occasional breakage which means where we had six cups and saucers of one design we may now not have....
At the end of the exercise I had a pile of saucers unclaimed by cups.
Is there a solution to the single saucer issue? What should I do with them? Do they have a life after being made to be part of a pair?

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