Sunday, 24 December 2017

Pie Eyed

Over the past week in the run up to Christmas we haven't been particularly busy but it has been rather lovely.
We have seen some of our regular customers. Alec and Val were celebrating their wedding anniversary yesterday. Maureen and Geoff came to pick up a Lemon and Blueberry cake (for Maureen. Geoff is saving himself for that whisky-laced fruit cake.)
We held a seventieth birthday tea for four people and we added in four of our homemade mince pies. As they prepared to leave we noticed there were two mince pies left on their cake stand. Did they want to take them home? They breathed out heavily, held their stomachs and said they wouldn't, thank you, they were going out for dinner and were already full....
We said our goodbyes and left them to it.
When the door closed behind them we went to clear their table.
No mince pies.
A mystery indeed.
Could it be that the pies migrated to the people on the next table? That's our best guess.