Friday, 4 November 2011

Into the unknown

I'm off to the tea rooms now to de-halloween it.
Tomorrow is the new dawn: a November opening.
It could be disastrous and noone will come. Bright side: lots of leftover cake.
It could be brilliant and really busy. Downside: not enough staff, not enough milk, bread, cake, ham, quiche.
I won't know til I've tried it.

I've remembered another tale from my Speed Awareness Course earlier this week. This one from Australia.
A driver doing less than the speed limit was flashed by a mobile camera in a layby. He was incensed, knowing he hadn't been speeding. He turned the car round and went past again, still below the limit. Another flash. More anger. So he turned the car and did it again. Same outcome. After the fourth time he pulled over and went to speak to the man in the van to ask why he'd been flashed when he wasn't speeding? "You weren't wearing your seatbelt," came the reply. And he lost his licence.

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