Friday, 2 March 2012

Face It.

In my family we're either in the vanguard of early adopters (a big fat tv in a swish Georgian-style cabinet thing) or it takes us years to catch up with everyone else (a colour tv).
I have resisted Facebook.
Until this week.
The Garden Tea Rooms now has its own page.
So what with the blog/ramble, the FB page and the sudden urge to tweet every incident that happens in the tea rooms I'm not sure I'll have any time to make tea or serve cake.
But I'm going to give it a go....


  1. Hi Gill,
    Two things, 1) Funnily enough I was of exactly the same opinion as you with regards to Facebook and have only recently (within the last month) become a belated convert, so I can be contacted by this method as well as by the Witley Church Stewards group and Witley Court blog Facebook pages.
    2) Last night we held the final meeting of the Poseidon Fountain Restoration Society at The Hundred House - at the A.G.M. in June we will re-launch as the "Witley Court Society".It has been agreed that we would like this event to be held at the church tearooms on the afternoon of Saturday 16th June 2012, subject to satisfactory arrangements being agreed upon with your good-self as the proprietor of the establishment. If this date is agreeable to you, I will bring you up-to-speed with our plans. Can you let me know ? I will be around at the church fairly soon after you re-open for the new season which, incidentally, I am (we are all !) looking forward to immensely.


    David Pagett.

  2. Will definately look you up on Facebook! Have you thought about tweeting?
    We visited your tea rooms yesterday - had a lovely visit and will be writing it up for our blog too :)