Thursday, 28 November 2013


I would not describe myself as adventurous in the kitchen.
Unless you count putting chilli in almost everything.
During the closed season I have set myself the challenge of trying to make things which scare me a little.
Top of my list was custard tarts.
I don't even like custard tarts but there are two people in this family who love them. They looked pretty tricky on Bake Off  and so they proved this morning. Really tricky.
This is the recipe I, ahem, attempted:

Mine look a bit battered to be honest.
Still the boys will love them.

Making them left me with lots of egg white so I am currently making "macarons" a trend I have shunned until now. 
What I like about the home made ones is that they actually taste of something i.e. almonds and that if I can get them right they allow a pretty free hand when it comes to flavour. 
I'll try not to add chilli though. 

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  1. In the smoke, we've moved on to these, Portuguese-style, custard tarts