Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rain, rain, go away.

Lots of it.
It was pretty bad over the weekend, when I was away at Ragley Hall for a food festival, but the first three days of this week have been even worse.
When it's like this we can't believe anyone would venture out. But they do, thankfully.
Yesterday among them was a lady who'd brought her friends from Utah.
She came to visit the avocado plant she had asked us to take on after it grew too big for her house. She had grown it from a stone and we've been looking after it since October 2012 (the other rainy season).
It loves the conservatory. She was happy to see it thriving.
Not so happy to be drenched when she took her US visitors up to see the church. They were back after a few minutes for cream teas.

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