Friday, 4 August 2017

...and I live in a hole.

An investigation is underway.
There are several theories as to why a hole has appeared in the ground of the conservatory.
It's an eight inch diameter hole, about 15 inches deep (yes, it should be in metric) and it was discovered in the undergrowth on Wednesday.
Bob thought it might be a burst pipe but he stuck his arm down the hole and found nothing.
Bev wondered if someone had pulled up a plant and half-inched it.
Janet asked if it could be an animal.
I sent a text to Adrian (who solves most of my problems) and lured him down this afternoon with mention of detective work to be done.
His arm was in that hole quick as you like. He brought a special light. He looked for clues and drew his conclusions.
He reckons we had a mole and then the visiting cat (it visits ALL the time and often hides and stays the night) went looking for it...
We're going to check his theory by filling in the hole.
And hoping.

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