Saturday, 19 August 2017

No pack drill

Two gorgeous ladies, one of them very obviously pregnant, arrived with a little girl in a pink dress who would have been about three.
I took their order and asked when the baby was due?
She told me she had a week to go and that this was her second time - the little girl was her daughter.
"So," I said to the little girl in the pink dress, "you're going to have a baby brother or sister?"
"It's going to be a brother," she replied, earnestly.
"And do you know yet what he's going to be called?" I ventured.
"Yes, I do," she glanced up at her mum, "but it's a secret.".
So I suggested to her that, when he's born, she might bring him back to meet us and her mother said, "wouldn't that be a lovely idea?" to her daughter.
"Yes," she said to her mum, "and then we can say that his name is Joseph."

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