Tuesday, 28 November 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like the end of November

Every year Geoff and Maureen, two of our friend-customers (i.e. started out as customers, now our pals) order a whole fruit cake from us and spend a couple of months "feeding" it with alcohol. Then Geoff eats it. Maureen, who does the "feeding" isn't a big fan of fruit cake but she lovingly pours whisky into cocktail-stick-holes. Geoff insists on whisky even though Maureen thinks brandy would be preferable. She's a little nervous this year because after using up a bottle of whisky on the cake last year Geoff announced that he couldn't taste it.
Up until now that has been our only link with Christmas.
Now though we're in new territory - the land of Christmas gifts.
Last week on one day we sold twice as many gifts as tea/coffee/cake/lunch combined.
And we are venturing into the realm of gift vouchers:
Ho Ho Ho 

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