Tuesday, 11 October 2011

In a Jam

I thought I'd got away with a season without many breakages, apart from the occasional dropped tray and chipped cup.
I had just commented how lucky I'd been compared to last season.
I should never ever say such things out loud.
On Saturday the soup blender went CLICK, tripped the electrics and refused to work again. However it's done sterling work and has paid its dues.
On Sunday the dishwasher I bought last year started making a dreadful noise and burning smell. I had expected its sterling work to continue for a lot longer...
Not brilliant things to happen just before a coach party on Saturday.

The Great Witley WI ladies laughed at my stories and clapped at the end. What more could I ask? I ended with the tale of the woman who went to the toilet in the garden (9th August). It made one woman's jaw drop. Literally.

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