Monday, 16 July 2012

He who should not be named....

Last month my son went on a school trip to China (we used to go the Cotswold Wildlife Park) and found out that the Chinese students choose an English name for themselves. Presumably to make life easier for us.
This name can be anything they like.
And they can be very creative.
The boy my son partnered is called Bobby. Others, though, are called Snort, Sheep, Banana and there's a boy who came last year called Lucy.
While they were being hosted at the school in China the group held a lesson in English - a few of the English guys taught a few Chinese students our National Anthem and then played a game with them.
One boy stepped forward to take part.
"What's your name?" they asked him.
He gave his true name and then said: "but my English name is Voldemort."

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