Friday, 20 July 2012

Two legs and a tray - bad.

This morning a couple were waiting at the counter as I took a tray of coffee into the garden. A black and white dog - collie-ish - was tethered to a vacant table outside and the dog sat quietly waiting for the couple to return.
When I took their order they told me that their dog didn't like waitresses or waiters. They didn't know why. She always barked at them.
I was sure I would be different. I like dogs. I have a dog. Dogs like me.
But not this one.
As soon as I went out carrying their tray she went bonkers. A high pitched painful sort of a barking. Continuous until I walked away leaving their lunch on the table.
This afternoon they came back for tea. I didn't deliver the tray this time. Sue did. I just listened for the barking to start....and it did.

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