Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bocker Glory

The day was forecast fine but started with a chill in the air.
The first person through the door was a lady who was feeling the cold and ordered soup. Courgette and pea. At half past ten.  A record we think.
It was village fete day when usually we take a hit and go quiet in the afternoon. Not today though. Today lunch went on and on. Afternoon Tea left the cake display needing several refills. The understudy water heater acted admirably and saw us through one of the busiest days of our season.

In mid afternoon during a short lull I was called over to the front of the counter by Nancie. She tilted her head down. Pointing with her eyebrow. Sort of. And she had a strange look on her face. I looked down. On the floor of the tea room was a large pair of black knickers.
I'm going to write that again because I still can't quite believe it.
On the floor of the tea room was a large pair of black knickers.
Primark. Size 16-18.

Now we have a lot of lost property. Walking sticks, jackets, mobile phones, cameras, hats. With the clothing we generally hang it on the coat hooks for the owner to spot.

We didn't do that with the knickers.
But we did look at everyone sideways as they sipped their tea.

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