Sunday, 7 October 2012

Special delivery

A great weekend. The sun shone and it was crisp and cold - perfect October days - which meant people came out for soup and panini and jacket potatoes and lots of scones (a relief since I thought I'd seriously over-ordered cream).
The first person in today brought us a gift. She reversed her soft-top car down to the door. Out of the back seat she hauled a big (and I really mean big) thing in a pot.
She had 'phoned a few days earlier: could we take her avocado plant which she'd grown from a stone? It was now too big for her house and was bent over and extending horizontally.  She wasn't kidding.
We've put it in the conservatory. Next to the arum lilies. In the opposite corner to the fig tree. They'll all Winter together like green buddies. Big green buddies.

At lunchtime we found a floral bag which had been left on a chair in the garden. In it were, among other things, a wallet and a mobile 'phone. In her contacts we found a home number in Bolton some 120 miles away.
Late this afternoon the lady in question returned our call. From Bolton. She hadn't realised she'd lost her bag until she heard our message on her answer phone.
Off  to the Post Office in the morning to reunite them.

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