Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Another step into the unknown today - we delivered lunch for 9 to the English Heritage Visitors Centre. Sandwiches, cakes and scones. The 9 were having a meeting in a dark room. The windows had been blacked out with cloth in readiness for the Halloween Trail which starts this weekend. I suppose that means I should prepare for Witches' Brew soup (spiced pumpkin) season.

At lunchtime three people came with a little dog and sat in the conservatory. They ordered jacket potatoes and tea.
As they left one of the gentlemen took me to one side:
"We had a mishap with the teapot," he said, "I couldn't pour the hot water into it properly so I held it to the side of the table. I'm afraid I've spilled water on the floor."
I nodded and said that some of our teapots are tricky little things. I'd get it cleared up.
I was amazed he was going to so much trouble to tell me of a little water spillage.
"I wanted you to know that it was me," he added, "not the dog. It really is just water, I assure you."

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