Sunday, 4 November 2012


Not dusted yet. That happens tomorrow when we put all the china, glass, teapots, cloths, cutlery, aprons away, when we defrost the fridges and freezers and drain the water, when we bring all the outside chairs and tables inside. We are officially closed until 27th March 2013.
Today has been utterly marvellous. Not particularly busy but almost everyone who walked through the door was a familiar face who'd come because it's our last day of the year.
One couple even brought me flowers.
I could have cried but I was torn between being happy that this challenging, wet season is over and sad that I won't be seeing these folks for almost 5 months. They wished me a Happy Christmas as they left.

We didn't break any records in 2012.
But we certainly learned a lot.
And I have plans for the closed season....

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