Friday, 16 November 2012

IF only

A few months ago a couple came in who were trying the IF diet - intermittent fasting. They had drinks, looked longingly at the cake display and then bought some carrot cake to take away because the following day they were allowed to eat whatever they liked.
I thought them mad.
And then found that this IF diet thing is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is writing about it. *
So. I read stuff about it.
I've never dieted before but have decided to try it and have been fasting two days a week for the past fortnight. Not proper fasting. I'm allowed a whopping 500 calories a day. 
Which is nothing.
They say it'll not only help me to lose weight but has two other benefits.
One is to improve brain function.
I've already forgotten the other one.
The worst thing about the process is the side effect. Proper grumpiness. Especially when I'm dishing up the rest of the family's food in the evening.

*for "everyone" read "some people"


  1. 500 cals a day would make me proper grumpy too. I'll stay with enjoying m'grub thanks, especially cake! Sxx

  2. Sounds evil. Fasting (which I've done hardcore) should only happen between meals. (Not counting snacks.)That's about all the wisdom I've accumulated over the years.

  3. Oh wise one. I like your style. Back to the cake for me then...