Wednesday, 11 May 2022


 For years now we have had lovely hand wash and lotion in the ladies’ loos. I know it’s awful not to have it in the gents but I’m not made of money and until there’s a protest with demanding placards I shall not yield.

Anyway, they may not want it when they’ve heard this.

One lady took a shine to the stuff and, finding it on the gift display, she brought it to the counter to pay. 

What she wanted to know, she said, was whether the stuff in the gift area is the same as the stuff in the loos? Yes, I told her categorically that it is. Then why, she wondered was the stuff in the loos called conditioner, while the stuff on sale was called hand and body lotion.


I said.

And checked. 

It seems that for the past week we ladies have all been slathering our hands with hair conditioner. It smells the same. Indeed the lady buying it preferred the feel of the conditioner to the lotion. 

Order has now been restored but I am embarrassed.

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