Sunday, 24 April 2016


We opened early to be the starting point for the Gay Classic Car Group's "West Midlands Drive It Day".
About 15 men and one woman kicked off their day with bacon & tomato panini, teacakes and coffee while I sneaked outside to photograph the cars which had somehow made it up the potholed farm track to us. 

Once they'd left we had another day of jacket potatoes and hot chocolates. Then it all went quiet so several of the team went home. 
Of course this meant we had a late onslaught of people including a group of nine Norwegians. 
"We are Vikings and hungry," said a lovely woman in her thirties, "which is your best cake?"
She said they liked chocolate so I suggested the praline cluster.
"We'll take nine of them," she said, "and six pieces of chocolate cake."
I tentatively offered sandwiches since she said they hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was, by now, four o'clock. She beamed. And ordered eight sandwiches, four green teas and three glasses of milk. 
The Vikings left smiling.

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