Saturday, 9 April 2016


It is astonishing how things change culturally even in the tearooms world. We are alerted to the shifts when we are asked by more and more people for certain things.
In my first year we were asked perhaps every couple of weeks whether we had anything gluten-free. Now it's at least twice a day.
In my second year a few people began asking whether we had anything dairy-free. Before that I think I was asked only once in the entire season. Now our dairy-free cakes are always available.

This year the shock came early. Over the Easter weekend we were asked time and time again, "Do you do contactless"?
I had no choice but to act.
So today we feel we've entered the 21st Century. After a fashion.
Contactless is all very well but the terminal is still on a 'phone line so it only speeds the process up by a few seconds.
We have a few more steps before it hits the really impressive mark.

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