Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Another hero for the list.

Someone was smiling on me today.
The weather (forecast earlier in the week as rain) was glorious and I began to worry that if today was the same as yesterday I wouldn't have enough staff. I called around and couldn't find any extra help. I left one message.
A lady called Helen who comes in from time to time for a double shot cappuccino (with extra hot milk and extra froth) arrived at about 11. We chatted for a few minutes and I mithered about staff. She said she was going for a walk after her coffee and went to sit in the garden.
Granny arrived to take my boys to see Captain America. A few others came for a lot of filter coffee and a fair few portions of cake (favourite today was Apple Shortcake).
Then Helen came back. Would I like her to help? She could wash up, clear tables, take trays?
I thought about it.
For about two minutes.
And so Helen spent four hours with us. And the message I'd left was returned as well so we had enough people and it was a lovely day and everyone was smiling and happy and the only downer of the day was that we had FIVE jacket potatoes left over.

Captain America was in 3D.
Turns out Granny hasn't seen a 3D film since the fifties.
She couldn't remember which one that was.

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