Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Court Short

I try very hard not to judge but other people can be strange (see previous entry for example)
Today the Three Choirs Festival came to Great Witley. The festival happens every year in one of three cities (Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester) and their surrounding areas and attracts folks from all over the country. For today's event "Trills and Thrills" a performance of recorder and harpsichord people had come in huge numbers. So many it was a sell out of 200+ and needed a parking steward.
And it was sunny.
The concert started at 11 so we opened early and served coffees and scones and cake, took orders and bookings for lunches.
My lovely dog, Jess, stays at the back of the tearooms when she's with me.
Shortly before 1pm she started barking. That meant there was someone somewhere they shouldn't oughta be so I went out to check. Close to the corner I could see a coat on the floor and as I made my way forward I spotted a bag. On the floor.
I said: "Hello?"
"Please don't look," came the reply from a woman in, I'd guess, her seventies, "I'm going to the toilet."
"We do have toilets inside." I said.
I left her to it.

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  1. Hee hee - it's what you got into the business for - glamour and appreciation.