Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knit Wit

So yesterday nothing was billed and EVERYONE in the world decided to come.
Today we had booked in two coach parties (70 people) three minibuses (20 people + 18 carers) and a knit'n'natter group of 13. Only about a third of the 70 showed up, the minibuses were done and dusted by 12 and the knit'n'natter group's orders for tea and cake (mainly coffee and walnut) weren't difficult. Except in the delivery:
"Coffee and walnut?" asked Jennifer
"No, mine's tea and walnut" came the reply.

I had WAY too many staff on today.
We stood and compared the AS level results of the five 17-year-old members of staff.
We even ate lunch at a reasonable time.
And we cooked too many jacket spuds.
The forecast torrential rain failed to show up but the thought of it was enough to deter.
My family is off to the Green Man festival tomorrow leaving me with the dog for the weekend.

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  1. No 1 daughter Catharine is performing at Green Man; her duo Strawberry & Cream are part of the Einstein's Garden line-up. Not really cake or tea room news, but a shameless plug....