Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ash, beech, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut

Another glorious day yesterday. The parasols are no longer functioning as umbrellas. We were busy but not  so busy that I didn't have chance for a few conversations in the garden.
One man asked about opening hours and days and whether they could take a different route back to the car park and when I answered all his questions proclaimed me to be the fount of all knowledge. Only where the tea rooms and car park location is concerned. Not a huge specialist subject.
When I next came out he had a trickier one - was the tree in front of him a eucalyptus?
Erm. I said. I always thought it was a silver birch? Not one of the five trees I learnt in primary school but still  the easiest to identify. But I checked with others in the know and went back to tell him it was indeed a silver birch.  He now thinks I'm brain of Britain.
It was also baby day. We had a ten week old, a 13 week old and a 14 week old join us at different times.
I know a lot about one of them.
His mother, holding him, told her group of friends: "He's been constipated for days." One of them pointed to her arm where something was - well - dripping, and replied: "well I don't think he is now."

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