Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This Is Your Life. Parts I and II

Another busy one despite an astonishing downpour late morning.
It was panini-central again - the kind of day when i think it would be useful to have a larger panini machine. Or a second one.
Yesterday I'd been surprised when my former boss and his wife turned up on the way home to London "from seeing Everton beat Man United". 
Today a woman approached the counter and called me Gillian which means one of two things. Either she knows my Dad (who only ever calls me by my full name) or she was from my school days before I took to introducing myself as Gill. I know it's only marginally better but it's all in the margins.
Standing before me was my high school PE teacher. The woman who 30 years ago wrote on my school report that I was very "timid" on the hockey field. A true understatement since I never turned up for hockey. I had a piano lesson instead (in which I was equally timid. Or bored).
She had a cappuccino and a piece of millionaire's shortbread and went and sat outside in the sunshine. 
We chatted for ages and as she left I told her I was surprised she could remember me given how rubbish I was at all sport and physical education.
She said she remembered me because I was "effervescent".
Wow, I thought, and went back into the kitchen to tell Freda.
"Effervescent," said Freda, "What? Like Andrews liver salts?"

No wonder she remembered me if I had the same effect. 

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