Monday, 13 August 2012

Bloomin' obvious

Over the Winter I should really read a gardening book.
I can only blag my way through so much of the conservatory for so long.
Which is currently looking like a jungle because the passion flower's gone completely bonkers. It's hanging down over tables and curling itself round every other plant, and dropping closed flowers all over the place.  
If someone asks about a plant I haven't a clue about I do that thing where I say "ooh not sure, but look over there - have you seen the fig tree/kiwi/bonkers passion flower?" I caught myself this week telling someone how strange that the wisteria was coming back into bloom...   
Yesterday I was asked what the orange flower in the garden is. Not a scooby of an idea. But it's pretty. I know now (asked the ma-in-law) it's Montbretia and the fact that I know it means noone else will ask until I've forgotten the name again.
So I'd just got to grips with Montbretia when a woman asked about the red flowering plant in the conservatory. Ah good. I know that one. So I told her. But she wasn't placated. She wanted to know how to spell it. Thank goodness for the in-laws again.
It's Abutilon.

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